The Fall of Rome

The Fall of Rome.

Hank the Plank, former CEO of Goldman-Sachs, is attacking our new crisis with the ferocity of a pagan idol. Our Treasury secretary, applying all his Christian Science ethics, announced he’s gonna take a bazooka to the economy, no questions folks, just supply the bullets. Hank the Plank is about to become the largest land-owner since Charles V.

Meanwhile McCain, all thumbs uppy, grinning like a mump-inflicted gineau-pig, announced he’s needed in Rome to fix the problem, which is rather like apply bostik to a cloven skull, the assumption is he couldn’t send an e-mail.

Far away to the north, in the of land Santa, the Snow Queen, heartened by Hank’s mention of the bazooka, has learned a new word, maverick, repeated thrice to a news anchor during an interview. The Beauty Queen from a town of toothless nubiles, wolves and trawler deckhands, the women who’d give a buck for a scalp, now may be getting close to holding a bazooka.
More alarming is the video of the Bible-bashing Procurator attending a church service in which witches were exorcised from congregants by a Kenyan pastor. Hold on to you pants girls, circumsion’s next…..
Not to be out done by this Narrenshiff, Baracking Barack decends into our national urinal by announcing he’ll debate himself. Lecture the US population on the virtues of the common man. The senator from Illinois, author of three best selling books about himself, holds his nose in dignified delight, I told you so he grins, reaching for another Newport……
The fourth player in this farce, bumbling Biden, from the only state which endorses usury, is strangley silent, better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than to stand up and remove all doubt.

Is anybody else as concerned as I am. At least I still have residential rights in Europe….


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