Hank gets a spank.

Hank the plank took his axe,

And gave the treasury forty whacks,

When our Hank saw whate he’d done,

He prepared to give the economy forty-one.


Hank the Plank, most vilified man in the US, now scurries and shuffles as his lastest bailout plan fails. Lucklessly searching for friends, our Hank, cell-phone glued to his ear, strides like a teutonic knight between Congress and the White House, What plan will our Christian Scientist come up with next……..

Whan Hank’s in front of the camera, he likes to emphasise the enormity of the problem. Rather than the wild gesticulations of House Republicans, Hank positions his arms in a semi-circle, rather like a bear hug. Yes, our Hank, is going to hug the economy.

In the Florida swamp, from whence he came, such behaviour may be acceptable, in fact generations of Paulsons probabaly sat around hugging each other, concealing their knives, or fifth aces up their shirt sleeves. A psychiatrist friend of mine noted that Hank’s motions smack of a “deeply disturbed” man, who, “needs to dominate and control his fellow man”.

Okay, so Hank the Plank is marching to the Capitol building under the pretence of “hugging” the economy, whilst his mind, writhing like a snake pit has other plans.

On the Hill Bumbling Bungo Bush, offering his kingdom for a horse, prepares to receive Hank, and his concealed fifth ace………..

Careful guys, a lot of wealthy people have, and are about to lose some serious shekels,,,

Could Hank’s fifth ace read “Martial Law”


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