The Sounds of Silence.

Now there’s a tune, and , my favorite line “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls, tenement halls……

Where I came from, we had neither, the words of the prophets, and, the conquests of local teenage boys were carved into trees, etched on gravestones…Sounds corny, but , it’s different in Alaska too.

In the land of the Snow Queen, frostbite comes quickly, so, no carving, just spray paint and underpasses. On one such underpass is sprayed, in blood red paint, “I did S.P, Oct 1982″….

Well, well, well… naughty Sarah, she must have skipped rice pudding that night, sneaking through the snow drifts with Todd the Rod, At least I’m assuming it was he, if it weren’t, some nasty, grease smelling oiler may be about to appear, claiming his prize.

So, all’s okay until the other night when I hear the Snow Queen, starchy as a matron, babbling on about the proximity of Russia to her state…. Of course, I thought, the Snow Queen’s right, P in Cyrillic is R, It wasn’t our Sarah gettin’ shafted under the bascule span, it must have been Hilary with a Russian boy !!!!!!!!!!

Whoa, Russia is soooooo close to Alaska, how dare they be sneakin’ in like that to plunder our virgins…We need Sarah and her Seal gun, she’ll give you twenty roubles for a rod…………


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